Equipment Renewal and Replacement
Existing facilities of all ages contain technical systems and equipment in need of upgrade.

The rapid pace of technological advancement and rate of equipment obsolescence presents challenges and opportunities to performance venues of all sizes. Technologies such as LED lighting are transforming aspects of venue operations ranging from increased audience expectations to lowered energy costs.

Whether supplementing existing equipment, upgrading select components, replacing whole systems, or fully redesigning for new technology, FDA staff work with stakeholders to revitalize the theatrical equipment and systems to meet contemporary needs and anticipate future requirements.

Our staff members bring extensive backgrounds in lighting, rigging, and stage machinery for theatrical and entertainment applications. Often we assemble and manage a team of supplementary professionals that include production sound/video and communications specialists and others to undertake a specific assignment.

Process & Deliverables

Beginning with a field survey and needs assessment meeting, our theatre technology specialists can deliver an array of solutions to meet the established operational, artistic, and budgetary requirements of each project.

A renewal project can result in a range of work products, including:

-  Needs Assessment / Existing Conditions Survey
-  Planning Studies of Equipment Lifetime and Replacement Cycles
-  Equipment Budget Estimates
-  Schedules of Equipment for Purchase
-  Biddable Drawings and Specifications
-  Construction Administration