services overview
Innovators and Experts

Because performing arts buildings are among the most complex and difficult of building types, and because performance requirements are constantly changing, theatre consulting has evolved into a highly specialized profession addressing the specific functional needs of theatres as well as the aspirations of their owners and operators, as well as  those of performing artists.

As consultants to arts and cultural organizations, owners and architects, we often help review or write  comprehensive building programs that fully meet  the requirements of the users.

We collaborate with owners, artistic and management staff, architects, and users to help plan and design auditoriums, front and back-of-house layouts, lobbies and ticket offices, control rooms, costume and set shops and offices.

We use proprietary, state-of-the-art CAD systems to render seating plans that insure good sightlines, access, ADA compliance, comfort, and visual variety.

We are typically the owners' and architect's source on the best performance lighting and stage equipment. We design and specify  equipment based on our understanding of production requirements.

Planning & Design Partners

We help to plan and design:
-  multipurpose theatres
-  Broadway style roadhouses
-  repertory theatres
-  ballet and opera houses
-  concert halls
-  college and university theatres
-  museum theatres
-  auditoriums and arenas
-  showrooms
-  experimental theatres
-  outdoor amphitheaters
-  cruise ships
-  renovation of historic theaters
-  adaptive reuse of found space
-  community theaters

Comprehensive Services

Our services include:

-  Feasibility and planning studies  to assess community and organizational needs and develop a work plan leading to a
   buildable project

-  Needs analysis and program development  to determine  the  physical requirements of perfor-mance, public and
   technical support spaces as well as their capital and operating costs

-  Facility planning and design, from concept design through working drawings of performance spaces, rehearsal
   rooms, workshops, lobby and box office areas

-  Auditorium layout,  including sightline analysis, seating plans, circulation and overall room design

-  Design and specification of stage equipment, including theatrical
   lighting and lighting controls, television studio lighting, manual and motorized rigging systems, lifts and winches

Equipment Specification

FDA provides comprehensive specifications of:

-  Counterweight Rigging
-  Motorized Rigging
-  Light Bridges
-  Light Ladders
-  Motorized Fire Curtains
-  Orchestra Pit Lifts
-  Sound Mix Lifts
-  Scenery Wagons
-  Stage Lifts
-  Variable Acoustic Curtains
-  Orchestra Shells
-  Acoustical Shaper Ceilings
-  Fixed Theater Seating
-  Portable Seating Riser Systems
-  Stage Lighting Control Systems
-  Stage Lighting Fixtures
-  Concert Lighting Control Systems