Richard Hackman
 Marketing Associate
Rich is a recent addition to the FDA team. With a B.A. in Digital Media and Communications from Albright College, Rich has over 10 years of experience consulting with ad agencies, working as in-house creative at corporations, and also as a creative service entrepreneur building his own media production company. From planning and strategy, to ideation and conception, he seamlessly transitions to hands-on execution and production and is adept at navigating all aspects of a project's marketing lifespan.

Rich has designed and developed marketing campaigns as the Art Director for a Fortune 500 company, done photo shoots for a global fashion brand, and has regularly filmed promotional advertising for small businesses trying to develop a following.

Originally from Ghana, the third born son to African diplomats, Rich has enjoyed the privilege of growing up and living in various countries across West Africa and Europe, but now considers New York City home.

Rich also has a unique appreciation for the theatre, having participated in a four-year apprenticeship in set design and construction, light rigging and operation, as well as being a stagehand, and frequently acting in and directing undergraduate productions.