Zac Schmitt
Zac is a recent addition to the FDA team. The midwestern native finds himself flung across the country to assist FDA as junior rigging consultant. He boasts varied studies and knowledges, ranging from relativistic mechanics to theatrical construction. Currently, his lists of projects are small, but ambitions loom large.

A circuitous path led him to FDA. After graduating from the venerable University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a B.S. in physics, he moved the to the Windy City -- Chicago, IL. Wherein he worked as a draftsperson for Studio 222 Architects and carpenter for Steppenwolf Theatre. After a few years, having never gotten cured of a theatre infection contracted in secondary school, Zac boldly went back to school at University of Wisconsin-Madison to study the theatrical arts. His foci there were technical design and theatre rigging. His thesis concerning the dynamic loads on wire rope for a standard motorized theatrical batten will shortly be complete; thus, learning the true meaning of a terminal degree.

He hails from the flattened lands of Rockford, IL. Today you can find him in the parsimonious lands on the western shores of the Hudson River, colloquially known as New Jersey, where he lives happily with his fiancee and their cat.